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If you’re in the market to refinance or purchase a new car but need a loan that meets your unique and specific needs, welcome LendingTree into the process with a free loan request. You’ll be able to comparison shop and get the best loan for your current situation.


Auto loan lenders typically constrain your options since they operate out of a small geographic area, a credit band (the scale of perceived risk), or a single product and value limit. But with LendingTree you’ll have coverage options across the US with a wide array of loan values (up to $300k) while also offering direct lending (banks, financial institutions, and credits) as well as indirect lending through auto dealer networks.

With LendingTree you’ll not only be able to cast a wider net but you’ll also be able to lock in a fixed rate auto loan for new and used car or auto refinancing. Plus, the loan request is free.


Please note: LendingTree is not a lender and does not make credit decisions. Upon the borrower’s submission of information to LendingTree, LendingTree matches borrowers with lenders who may reach out to contact the borrower with conditional loan offers or requests for more information.

Compare Auto Loan Rates with LendingTree To Get The Right Plan For You

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