Get rid of the Schmutz that builds up on your phone or computer screen and bring back that vibrant shine with the MIST cleaner from AM Lab. The all-in-one MIST clears away dirt, dust, smudges, and fingerprints, and is also refillable. Snag 2 for $22 and save 15% with code GAWKER222.

Perfect for on-the-go use and storage, MIST uses an integrated microfiber cloth and spray and is only 3.87in x 0.87in. The anti-schmutz cleaning liquid contains no ammonia or alcohol and cleans without damaging your screen or skin. MIST cleans any phone, laptop, tablet, or desktop monitor without leaving a streak and comes in a two-pack of pink/orange or blue/green.

Say goodbye to a dirty screen and bring back that vibrant shine with the MIST from AM Lab. Get 2 for $22 now with promo code GAWKER222 and save 15%.

Clear Up Your Screen with the All-In-One MIST Cleaner (2 for $22)

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