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Planning and prepping dinner doesn’t have to be stressful. Plated is changing the way we think about cooking by letting you pick from nine seasonal, chef-inspired recipes each week, with pre-portioned, fresh ingredients delivered right to your door. Skip the grocery store and instead get three weekly meals for two people and love cooking again.


Plated brings you meats raised without antibiotics, sustainable, domestic seafood and fresh produce for $12 per person, per meal. They also rotate vegan, dairy-free, low-calorie and no-gluten-added options into their menus. Choose from recipes like Thai Peanut Chicken Curry with Sticky Rice, Lamb Kofta with Pistachios and Herb Salad, and Maple-Soy Portobello Burgers with Tahini Salad.

Or upgrade to the Chef’s Table by Plated, with specialty cuts of meat and seafood, like Filet Mignon. You can even add-on desserts, like Chocolate Brioche Bread Pudding, for $4 a plate. Most of the recipes take 20-45 minutes, and the recipe cards detail your steps and offer tips for presenting the dish.


Plated is available in over 95% of the country, and most cities have 2 to 3 delivery days per week. Plus Plated arrives in a refrigerated, 100% recyclable box that can keep fresh until midnight on the day of delivery. Start cooking unique and seasonal chef-inspired recipes with Plated today.

Plated is a subscription-based service that will auto-renew. Skip weeks or cancel at any-time.


Choose From 9 Weekly Chef Recipes With Ingredients Delivered By Plated

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