Bring A Day's Worth Of Drinks Anywhere In The All-In-One Dry Bag + Cooler ($29)

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The Kawartha Dry Bag Cooler is perfect for camping, tailgating, or the beach and ensures your drinks stay cold all day. Snag this dry bag cooler for just $29, a savings of 40% with code DBC40MAY at checkout.


Kawartha’s Dry Bag Cooler seamlessly transitions from a dry bag to a cooler by inserting a composite bubble core wrapped lining. The Triple Insulation Technology provides waterproof protection while preventing heat transfers, ensuring your drinks stay at an ideal temperature all day. Fill up the cooler with a bag of ice and haul up to 25 liters (18 cans + ice) using the durable side handle, or throw it over your shoulder using the padded, adjustable strap. Plus, the roll-top allows you to continually shrink the bag as you empty it out for easy pack-up and storage. With 40% off, a dry bag cooler is just $29.

So if you’re ready to enjoy a few cold ones on your next adventure, grab this dry bag cooler from Kawartha and save 40% with promo code DBC40MAY.


Bring A Day’s Worth Of Drinks To Your Next Hangout In This Dry Bag Cooler ($29)

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