Grab these polarized floating sunglasses from WavesGear at 60% off. Use promo code BFCM60GMG and get a pair for just $16. Offer valid site-wide. Not valid on bundles. Expires 11.30.

The floating sunglasses are ideal for water sports, relaxing at the beach or pool, or your day-to-day. They offer 100% UVA/UVB protection and the frames are constructed from proprietary unsinkable plastic, making them light-weight yet durable. The Reflective line is available in three colors: Black/Ice Blue, White/Sun Gold, and Navy Blue/Grey Mirror. Plus, each pair comes with micro-fiber carrying pouch/lense cleaner for easy upkeep and storage.


Grab the Waves floating shades for just $16 and save 60% with promo code BFCM60GMG. Offer valid site-wide. Not valid on bundles. Expires 11.30.

Get 60% Off These Reflective, Polarized Floating Shades From WavesGear ($16)

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