Suzy Mitt is the ridiculous all in one knitt glove and beer holder. Pre-game and tailgate properly while saving 50% with promo code SPIN50. That’s just $9.99.

You can prep your tailgate with Suzy Mitt’s for the whole group (sets of 10 cost just $6.99 per mitt), or simply make your presence felt before every game armed with a beer-holding hand warmer. It’s an automatic conversation starter that grabs attention. You’ll have a blast keeping your hands warm while keeping a cold one available at all times.

The knit wool glove comes in eight different colors and has a recessed thumb groove for additional grip, so you’ll never have to worry about freezing your hands while holding a beer again.

It’s weird and ridiculous, it’s a Suzy Mitt. Snag one at 50% off using promo code SPIN50 and then grab a cold one.

Be Prepared for Your Next Tailgate with a Ridiculous Beer Mitt (50% Off)

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