6 Gifts Under $50: Save on Art, Comics, Gaming Eyewear, Drones & More

In the spirit of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the Promotions Team has compiled a roundup of its best gifts under $50 for io9 readers. From artwork to Computing Eyewear to Batteries, there's something for everyone.

Comic Cartel: 10% Off All Comics + $3.99 Monthly Shipping

Subscribe to all your favorite comics online and get them delivered right to your door with promo code GAWKER10. You'll get 10% off every comic you subscribe to plus monthly shipping for just $3.99 (regularly $6.99, that's a savings of over 40%). A signup fee of $4.99 gets you a starter box full of reissues while your order is fulfilled.


Fluxmob Combo Wall Charger + Backup Battery: $48

Fluxmob is offering 20% off Bolt (use promo code IO9Fall20), a pocket-sized combination wall charger and backup battery designed to replace your old charger; plug it directly into the wall, connect it to your device, and both will automatically charge. Get the Bolt for just $48 and quit hunting for outlets in public and desperately conserving your phone's battery.

SKEYE Nano Drone: $34.99

The world's smallest precision quadcopter, the SKEYE Nano Drone, is currently 40% off, $34.99 + free shipping. This miniature drone is great for beginners – it utilizes a 6-axis flight control and can perform mid-air flips. In addition, it has LES lighting for night flying, and can fly for up to 8 minutes off a 30 minute charge.


Gunnar Computer Eyewear: 20% Off

Gunnar Optiks, the only patented and doctor recommended computer eyewear, prevents the headaches, strain, difficulty focusing, redness, and dry eyes typically associated with long hours in front of a screen. Get 20% off any pair on the landing page with promo code GUNN20 and start protecting and enhancing your vision.


Video Game Art for Your Home: 10% Off

Turn back time with James Bit video game art for your home and give a nod to some of your favorite classic video games. James Bit Design is offering an exclusive 10% discount, using promo code GAWKER, which can be used towards an 8-bit fireplace cover, Zelda secret passage floor decal, a tron frisbee, and more.


NES30 Bluetooth Gaming Controller: $29.99

The NES was one of the original gaming systems, and this retro controller is available for $29.99 + free shipping, a savings of 25%. Its mimics the design of the original NES controller's look and feel, only it's compatible with any iOS, Android, Mac or Windows device via Bluetooth or USB.


The Promotions team (we're on the business side, not editorial) negotiates special offers on notable products. Interested in partnering with us? Drop us a line at promotions@gawker.com.

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