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Combat Flip Flops are the perfect casual apparel for Spring and Summer. They're durable, slick looking flip flops, and with warmer weather approaching, you can grab a pair at 15% off with promo code Gizmodo15.


Combat Flip Flops make a full line of 'flops, but their most popular styles are the AR-15 (now $43) and AK-47 (now $60).

  • AR-15s are all black with a nylon strap and subtle enough to fit with any outfit
  • AK-47s are a combination of brown leather soles and burgundy patent leather straps with a heat-stamped poppy design that adds a little flash to your step.
  • Both are made with a combat boot rubber outsole, a cow leather deck, and a cast shell casing on the strap.

But what makes Combat Flip Flops so unique is their goal to create change through 'business not bullets.' The founders, two former Army Rangers, realized during their multiple deployments to Afghanistan that the most effective way to fight war is to create better job opportunities for those in areas of conflict. Jobs that can offer a higher income and a safer work environment, as well as teach real skills, naturally draw workers in. Read the full story here and see how this idea has become a weapon for change.


Your feet want to breathe after months in winter boots, so grab a pair of Combat Flip Flops, save 15%, and support change abroad. And promo code Gizmodo15 works site-wide, so you can save on everything, including man bags, sarongs, cashmaghs, shemaghs, jewelry, and shirts.

15% Off Combat Flip Flops: Prepare for Spring & Support Change

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