MeUndies make great underwear that seamlessly blends softness and style. It’s comfortable enough that they decided an entire pair of pants was the next step. Behold the Lounge Pant, perfect for anywhere you choose to sit and relax. Get 20% off your first order of Lounge Pants plus free shipping.


MeUndies makes the Lounge Pant from Micro Modal, the same material as their underwear. The pants include two welted side pockets, along with a drop crotch and tapered legs that provide a contemporary design. Plus, the soft contour elastic waistband ensures your Lounge Pants stay in place while you unwind. With 20% off, pairs are just $48 and come in five distinct colors; purple, black, dark sapphire, grey, and heather grey.

Kick back in pants both stylish and soft. Receive 20% off your first order of Lounge Pants from MeUndies plus free shipping.

Sit and Relax In A Pair Of Lounge Pants from MeUndies and Save 20%

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