Start building a sleek, easy-to-navigate website with Squarespace and get 10% off any plan you choose with code GIZMODO. Squarespace has an expansive array of user friendly tools, perfect for bloggers, photographers, entrepreneurs, small business owners, and retailers who need a professional website today.

It's been the rule that, in order to build the eye-catching website that matches your product or personality well, you need a dedicated and talented front end designer, an equally strong back end developer, and a few thousand dollars. That, or you're already proficient with these in-demand skills and have the time to make your site. Even then, translating your passion into a beautiful web page can be taxing. But with Squarespace's self service plans, you get professional design and seamless functionality that commands attention, for a fraction of the cost.

Squarespace is equal parts beauty, simplicity, and customization, allowing you to create your unique site quickly and with ease. With a user-friendly content management system, managing and editing the site as it evolves is just as simple. Here are some distinctive features available with all Squarespace plans:


  • 26 template themes to choose from, each of which is fully customizable and includes an integrated responsive design for mobile
  • Drag and drop image tool, including responsive image loader for display on any device
  • Link social media accounts and 3rd party services directly to your site
  • Complete e-commerce system that includes Stripe integration
  • Complete comment system with spam blocker
  • Website analytics including unique visitors, page views, where your visitors are coming from (and from what keywords), and top content
  • Integrated SEO best practices, clean urls, automatic tagging and redirects, facebook open graph tagging, and more
  • Form Block integration to build out an email list via MailChimp
  • 24/7 email support (their policy is to answer each email within an hour), and live chat support weekdays, 11-7 EST

The combination of agile, flexible design and granular marketing and data tools, all streamlined for intuitive functionality, allows you to create and maintain a professional website efficiently. Create your Squarespace site today and get 10% off the plan of your choice, using code GIZMODO (enter the code at the checkout screen when upgrading from a trial to paid account). Plans can be paid either monthly or annually. With annual payment plans you save 20%, effectively making this deal 30% off.

The personal plan: Now $9 monthly or $86 annual payment


The professional plan: Now $18 monthly or $173 annual payment

The business plan: Now $27 monthly or $259 annual payment

Save 10% on Squarespace and Create Your Own Customized Website

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